Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ is designed to provide you with the information you need quickly and easily, to make your customer experience as smooth and satisfying as possible.

Yes, we redesign the website based on customer needs. We redesign the website so that it complies with current industry and web standards and is compatible with all devices. Additionally, we improve key functionality in accordance with necessity and feasibility.


A static website is only made of HTML, CSS, and JS. To change the website’s text and photos, however, you need need coding skills. With a dynamic website, we can develop an admin panel to control the website content without any coding experience and store information in the database for later use.


We typically provide 1 month of free post-purchase assistance, during which we help with website management and fix any difficulties. If necessary, you can choose our maintenance package after one month.


We ensure that the website we build is extremely search engine optimised. All of our designs are also mobile-friendly and adjust to the screen size of mobile devices.


It usually takes us 3 to 5 working days to come up with logo design ideas after we receive the necessary data.


If the logo option does not meet your expectations, we will generate a new option based on your feedback on the shared logo. For the creation and assessment of the new design, we offer up to two revisions.


Let’s Start a Cool Project!

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For design approval, we offer JPEG or PNG files. We share the open-file for the same once it has been accepted.


Only potential buyers for your business or product will be targeted by our SEO strategy, and they will be turned into sales leads. To persuade potential buyers into making a purchase, we’ll employ organic marketing and advertising techniques. We will work with you to add value to your company and provide you high ranking results at a reasonable cost. We will work with you to boost your TOP line earnings and promote business expansion, which will raise the revenue-generating potential of your website.


Local SEO is making it simple for potential customers to learn more about your businesses online while they look for any nearby establishments that offer specific goods and services. If your target market is close by, local SEO is advised.

Global SEO – Also known as SEO,  is a technique for assisting your company website in enhancing its visibility and ranking in search engines through natural methods.


There are various methods of checking.
1. Using Google Analytics (or any other tool you use for tracking visitors).
2. Through Google Webmaster, tracking clicks and impressions
3. Checking the ranking of current keywords and comparing them to the baseline report.


First, it’s important to realise that SEO effort has to be consistent in order to keep ranking. Our SEO specialists assist you stay one step ahead of your rivals by closely monitoring competitors constantly. A specialist will be involved in creating new, original material and new links to various pages on your site.


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